Quite frequently I come across articles, bringing out the nuances of writing skills, where every writer makes a valuable contribution on writing skills. I have been avidly following WordPress for the past almost a year, reading varied articles transport me, to the world of writers.

And, to my strong realization, although it happened quite earlier, I did notice that varied experience enhances and enriches the writing skills coupled with imagination.

Most of the times our writing reflects our assimilated thought process, accumulated over a period of time by stumbling upon different occurrences; sometime consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

We, Indians lack the international audience, primarily on the account that our articles revolve mainly around “recipes”. Do we have an insufficient vocabulary or do we lack grammatical skills? I don’t think so. Perhaps we lack adequate exposure in the international arena and hence our articles don’t resonate with the international community.

Well, writing is not combination and permutation of words, it’s an intricate exercise. If someone is writing for his/her passion, then they can take any approach, but if you want to have an international presence, then I would strongly recommend assembling rich experience and use in your writing style.



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