Essence of customer service.


Customer is the king, the phrase essentially epitomes the significance of the customer service. In a highly competitive global market, it’s the customer service which helps an organization to survive and evolve. The role of customer service becomes prominent and takes paramount importance for the organization where the product is intangible in nature.

At the macro level, it’s the “customers” which help an organization to sustain, and at the micro level, it’s the “customers” which helps the employees to get their salaries.

The essential guide to marketing “5C’s of marketing” also has “identifying customer needs” as an essential component among other constituents, thereby, emphasizing the dimension of satisfied customers in the context of marketing.

There are some basic mantras which can help an organization to keep its customers happy and satisfied.

  • Promptness: Responding to the query/complaint of customer promptly. Keep in mind that customer will always need the information/solution quickly, therefore, promptness facilitates the process of customer service.
  • Delighting the customer: Going the extra mile to meet the requirement of client will definitely help in delighting the customer. Genuine concern regarding the customer’s problem is a sure shot formula to win a customer’s heart and loyalty.
  • Active listening: Active listening can lead to the process of identifying needs and wants of the customers, which might be unheralded and unspoken. A customer may not be able to articulate the concerns, but by being an active listener, a customer service professional can dive deep into the center of problem and bring out an effective solution.
  • Greeting: A cheerful greeting to a customer can take away the load of problem from the customer’s mind, hence, smoothing the rest of the call. A relaxed customer is always easier to handle.

Practising these small steps, while servicing a customer, can help in keeping the customers happy and satisfied and ensuring the business for the organization.


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