Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Family: It’s a structure designed and built to be with you, in all times. They may be your blood relations, or someone who has acquired the label of “family”.
Families are our backbone or spines, they are always the first safety valve to shield our emotional state.
Well, I am letting the world outside to have a peek into my family.
The small girl has grown up to become a headstrong teenager.
One of the birds died recently, we are still in the recuperation





The window depicts Mughlai Art, intricately crafted, mostly meant for royal women to get a “glimpse “of the world outside.
This picture was clicked at “Qutab-Minar”, located in Delhi, India.

Symbolizes and reflects the theme  Window”.


Myriad Intricacies of life



He died last week, after being with us for a period of almost 5 years. I decided to write the piece below, in a rather sombre mood.

Myriad intricacies of life can be captivating, suffocating, enthralling, motivating, demotivating, depressing; there are unimaginable possibilities or outcomes, when a person is exposed or subjected to such extreme conditions. Very few can sail, rest drowns or just manage to float.

When I look back at my past, I was subjected to conditions varying from normal to extreme abnormal.

A spoilt childhood, thanks to extreme pampering; an ambitious youth; thanks to peer pressure, a promising career, which I created myself; a beautiful motherhood, thanks to an angel in my life.

There are more additions, which I would like to talk later. These “sporadically consistent ‘variations in my life turned me into a much stronger person. Following are the outcomes, which I learnt:

1) Always have a backup plan for any kind of circumstance; you might need at any time.

2) Pray for positive but do imagine what extreme negative situations, you can be subjected to. The process will keep you prepared for the worst.

3) Whenever time allows, ponder over the past. They say your experiences are your best teacher,

When I started this piece, I was in a depressing mood over the death of our pet, but life has to move  and as I said before” Life always brings a new challenge, a new opportunity with itself”.


Mehendi – The Indian way of tattoo.




I decided to write this blog, more with desire to spread the awareness about this unique art.

Henna, or more locally called as Mehendi, usually adorn the palms of the newlyweds and their relatives as a tradition followed in India and some parts of Asia.

A fine paste made from leaves of small shrubs, Henna, is synonymous with marriage or its related functions. For long, the art remains confined to households, now has become a burgeoning industry.  Thanks to the media.

There are professionals and amateur, both equally delving in the passion to create magic in your hand. They charge reasonably and try their level best to create these intricate designs. The best part is it’s painless and temporary.

Go, try this magic on any part of your body.